Stanley Campbell, Navy Pilot and Healthcare Technology Pioneer, is launching his campaign for United States Senate from the Florida Treasure Coast on Wednesday November 15. Local business leaders will be hosting the launch event to formally announce his candidacy.

The news of Stanley Campbell’s intention to run as Florida’s next U.S. Senator broke in October by a number of national publications including The Messenger, Vibe, and Yahoo News. Campbell is seeking to unseat Rick Scott, one of the key races the Democratic Party is targeting to change “from red to blue” in order to maintain control of the Senate.

Campbell has been identified as a formidable opponent to the incumbent Senator, in part, because of the depth of his experience. After serving in the Navy as a pilot, Campbell commanded the Navy’s primary Airborne Communications Platform known as TACAMO. Campbell was later appointed by the Bush Administration to serve on the Executive Advisory Board for NASA. Campbell has also led a number of successful technology businesses, including EagleForce Associates which built technologies in the TSA passenger screening systems, as well as the Medicare fraud detection software that has prevented over $500 billion in healthcare fraud.

As a native Floridian, Stanley built his life in nearly every corner of the state. He was born and raised in Miami, Florida and later earned a degree in Physics & Mathematics at Florida A&M University in Tallahassee. His military career brought him to Pensacola, Homestead, and the Tampa Bay area. He and his wife, Cheryl Campbell, currently reside in Palm City, Florida near the Martin Downs Golf Club purchased by Stanley in 2021.

The Campbell name is well known to many in both Florida and the nation’s capital. Mrs. Campbell commutes to D.C. for her job as the Assistant Secretary of Administration for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services under President Biden. Stanley’s late father, Stanley Victor Campbell, moved from New York to Miami at the age of 18 and spent nearly seventy years as an advocate for public schools and unions. His late mother, Yvonne Campbell, was a hairdresser and community organizer who successfully organized local beauticians. And Stanley’s brother, Luther Campbell or “Uncle Luke”, is the rapper and Hip Hop icon who successfully battled the Supreme Court in a First Amendment case championing music free speech.

Campbell says that he is running for Senate to make sure that the opportunities he had in his life and his career are available to all. “I can’t see my ten-year-old self becoming the man I am today given the challenges of education, immigration, business, a woman’s right to choose, voting rights, and unequal justice…I know who Florida is. I believe in its creed. And I believe in the creed of this great nation.”

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