Leader. Entrepreneur. Military Veteran.

  • Medicare: Preventing $150 million in fraud penalties DAILY. Protecting Florida’s Medicare.
  • Women’s Rights: Tirelessly advocating for choice and sovereignty; women’s rights are human rights.
  • Veterans/Military: Championing veteran benefits, ensuring uninterrupted military pay.
  • Jobs/Housing: Committed to bolstering small businesses, ensuring jobs and affordable housing.
Stanley Campbell


For a better FLORIDA

Stanley Campbell is committed to serving Florida in the Senate, championing the protection of healthcare, Medicare and Social Security for its residents, advocating fiercely for our Veterans and Active Duty Military personnel and their Families, and ensuring equal justice under the law where people from all communities receive the recognition and respect that they merit. Drawing from his rich history as a Veteran and his diverse background, Stanley possesses the unique expertise to adeptly address and navigate the pivotal issues of these trying times.

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Stanley Campbell is a native Floridian who was raised in the Liberty City area of Miami. His roots are humble, and yet he has had opportunities as a young man that have helped him build and live his great American dream.  

Stanley Campbell is running for the U.S. Senate because he wants to help you live yours. 

Stanley isn’t running AGAINST anyone. He’s running FOR everyone because he believes that there is more that unites us than divides us.

As a collaborative, solutions-focused leader, he believes our nation can once again rise up together to defend our Democratic principles, to keep our citizens safe, and to ensure access to quality education, jobs and healthcare for all. Stanley believes we can work together to provide opportunities for business and property ownership, to preserve personal rights and freedoms for each of us, and to ensure a secure retirement for all Floridians.

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