Meet Stanley

Stanley comes from loving, humble roots and a career marked by dedication to public service. He brings a wealth of experience and a vision for a better future for the Sunshine State.

Stanley is a native Floridian, raised in the Liberty City area of Miami to a Jamaican father who was a lifelong advocate for public schools and a union worker, and a Bahamian mother who was a hairdresser and community organizer.

Focused and disciplined, Stanley dedicated himself to public service through an accomplished career in the US Military, NASA, Healthcare and Technology, AI and Cyber Security.

Stanley received his education from the Miami-Dade public school system and furthered his studies at Florida A&M University (FAMU). At just nineteen years old, he created the data reduction algorithm and aero-analysis for the Voyager 2 spacecraft, which continues to orbit the Earth to this day.

Upon graduation, he embarked on a distinguished military career by becoming a U.S. Navy Pilot and Test Pilot, where he assumed command over the Navy’s primary Airborne Communications Platform TACAMO. His expertise in Math and Physics, combined with this wealth of experience, ultimately resulted in his appointment to NASA’s Executive Advisory Board during the George H.W. Bush Administration.

His endeavors in the realm of cyber security, highlighted by his tenure at the Defense Intelligence Agency and his pivotal contributions to the TSA’s Passenger Screening and Security initiative, underscore his adeptness in bolstering national security protocols. Furthermore, his portfolio boasts 14 patents in Artificial Intelligence, reflecting his dedication to leveraging innovative technologies for enhancing and safeguarding lives.

Today, he runs a global healthcare technology company that is directly responsible for preventing $120 million in Medicare fraud DAILY, over half a trillion dollars to date.

He and his wife, Mrs. Cheryl Campbell, Assistant Secretary of Administration for the U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services, currently reside in Palm City, Florida at Martin Downs Golf Country Club, which they purchased and redeveloped in 2021. They have been married for 35 years and are the proud parents of three adult sons.

Stanley and Cheryl Campbell at FAMU game. Go Rattlers!
Stanley Campbell and Reverend Al Sharpton
Stanley and Cheryl Campbell on the campaign trail