Stanley Campbell, Navy Pilot and Healthcare Technology Pioneer, is launching his campaign for United States Senate from the Florida Treasure Coast on Wednesday November 15. With news of his campaign breaking (LINK TO TCP ARTICLE) voters from across the state are already voicing their enthusiastic support.

Dr. Raymond Dunn, a retired educator in Port St. Lucie, Florida, said that he feels Campbell will do things to improve the lives of youth. “I am an educator, retired, and I know he is a man of many talents and interests. He just excites me because I know he spends so much time with the youth and higher education.”

It is an institution of higher education, Florida A&M University, where the first spark of the campaign was lit. Stanley and his wife Cheryl Campbell attended the FAMU Homecoming weekend with the intention of sharing his announcement with Stanley’s friends and fellow alumni. The news spread like wildfire. Stanley Campbell was welcomed on stage in front of tens of thousands of students at a local concert, hosted by Rattlers from around the country, and included in a parade through Tallahassee.

Voters and supporters of all ages are also expressing a relief that Stanley Campbell is a formidable opponent to incumbent U.S. Senator, Rick Scott. Florida Democratic Party Chair, Nikki Fried, believes that Rick Scott can be defeated. “Rick Scott’s support from Floridians is underwater,” said Fried, “and it couldn’t be more clear why. Florida is in an economic crisis. Inflation is double the national average, and rent and property insurance are through the roof — but Rick Scott is championing his plan to take away your Social Security and Medicare, enact a national abortion ban and cut his own taxes at your expense. He is only looking out for one person — himself — not the people of Florida.”

In contrast, Stanley Campbell says that he is running for Senate to make sure that the opportunities he had in his life and his career are available to all. “I can’t see my ten-year-old self becoming the man I am today given the challenges of education, immigration, business, a woman’s right to choose, voting rights, and unequal justice…I know who Florida is. I believe in its creed. And I believe in the creed of this great nation.”

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