During our campaign’s Listening and Learning Tour, we heard from Floridians throughout the State and from many walks of life. The pivotal policies that form the nucleus of both this campaign and Stanley’s fundamental beliefs have been influenced by what we heard. Our Call to Action is to build a collective, shared prosperity that lifts everyone up, no matter who or where we come from.

Throughout his time as a public servant, Stanley has and always will maintain an acute focus on driving policy outcomes that cater to the needs of all Floridians and those who visit this remarkable state that we call home.

Time and again, our Senate representation in Washington has let down the people in Florida, dividing us as a society and clinging to antiquated perceptions of their experiences. Our Senators have ignored those people that live in the shadows and those who are marginalized, while allowing promising ideas and policies to be obscured beneath the overwhelming influence of special interests. The Florida economy is larger than the states of Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama and Mississippi combined, yet most of the promising ideas related to Tourism, Agriculture, Military Readiness and Veterans Health are detached from the pursuit of real people and real business who should be realizing the shared prosperity for all Floridians. As we Listen, Learn and Lead these ideals and ideology will prevail.



Advocate for a justice system that emphasizes rehabilitation over punishment, with a focus on reducing recidivism.


Invest in comprehensive training for police officers, emphasizing community relations and de-escalation techniques.


Focus on modernizing prisons to ensure they’re places of reform and education, not just punishment.


Ensure that the justice system is fair and impartial, with no one being above or beneath its protections.


Fraud Prevention

Prevented billions in healthcare fraud through utilization of proprietary technology.

Help Rural Communities

Implemented immediate solutions and helped rural communities during the CoVID-19 pandemic.

Medication Costs

Continuously fighting to keep medication costs down for Floridians, ensuring that life-saving medications are affordable for all.

Healthcare Access

Working towards a system where all citizens have access to quality healthcare regardles of their financial situation.



Invest in upgrading digital infrastructure to ensure high-speed internet is accesible and affordable for all, especially in underserved rural areas.

Research Funding

Increase funding for technological research and development, ensuring the U.S. remains at the forefront of global technological advancements.

Cyber Defense

Over two decades of integrating solutions for the DoD that strengthen national cyber defenses, prioritize the protection of critical infrastructure, and collaborate with private sector partners to ensure consumer data is protected.

Privacy Laws

Advocate for comprehensive data privacy laws that protect citizens from unwanted data collection and misuse.


Equipment and Infrastructure

After serving as a Navy pilot, Stanley understands the need to invest in modernizing the military’s equipment and infrastructure to keep pace with evolving threats.

Global Allies

Strengthen ties with global allies to foster collective security and address international challenges collaboratively.

Health and Wellbeing

With Florida being the state that hosts some of the mose integral defense operations to our country’s safety, Stanley will prioritize the mental and physical health of service members, ensuring they have the resources and support they need.


Stanley will leverage his healthcare expertise to ensure that veterans have access to the best medical care, education, housing and job opportunities.


Recognition and Support

As the third largest agricultural state, our farmer’s need the recognition and support they deserve. Stanley will deliver on both.

Farming Costs

With a 500% increase in the cost of fertilizer, our agriculture industry needs someone on their side who can relate to the issues farmer’s are facing every day. Stanley is a farmer at heart, with over 200 acres of property he maintains professionally, and knows these struggles well.


Florida has a diverse ecosystem and prized water supply. Stanley will push responsible agricultural practices to maintain our state’s natural resources and wonders.



Stanley is entrenched in the fight to preserve and sustain our Medicare and Medicaid.

4.9 million Floridians enrolled in Medicare last year. Rick Scott wants to take away their healthcare access. Stanley will not let that happen.

Florida’s Medicare population is diverse, with significant Hispanic, African American, and other minority populations. This diversity necessitates culturally competent care and services tailored to different community needs.

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